Wishbone (Whelped 5/13/97)

Bred by: P. Davol
Owned by: A. Ireland (Stormville, NY)
"Blue Girl" (yellow)
Photo by P Davol (Copyright 1997)

"Blue Girl" is one of four yellow females in this litter. She weighed approximately 6 oz. at birth. This puppy is extremely affectionate - a true Lap-rador! She responds extremely well to people and is very sociable, however, she is a bit timid when confronted with new obstacles in her environment and seeks reassurance. Despite this observation, she does not appear overly submissive. She will however benefit from early and continual exposure to new places and people. From a conformational standpoint, in doing my 6-7 week evaluation of the litter, Blue Girl is one of those puppies that gets better and better as she matures. She has a lovely, well-domed head and will probably look more like her dad when she reaches maturity. She has good length of neck, and has a straight, correct front. Shoulder angulation is good, with proper 90 degree angulation. Bone and substance is good. Her topline , as well as her length of leg are moderate and combine to present a balanced picture. Her rear angulation is good. She has no noticeable weak points, and is true to type. In fact, she will probably have more type than her sister "Orange girl" who was my pick yellow. However, Orange Girl is more of a "showy" bitch (she has the attitude needed for the ring). I expect Blue Girl to be at the low end of the standard in terms of height and probably reach a mature weight of approximately 65-70 lbs. --- P.A. Davol

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'Copyright 1997 Pamela A. Davol'