Wing-N-Wave Call To Glory - "Tory" (Whelped 4/8/93)

(Am.Can.Ch. Whipowil Nyleve Maxwell X Wing-N-Wave Rogue)
Bred by: P.A. Davol
Owned by: Pamela Davol
Cape Cod Dog Show
Photo by S. Tatham (Copyright 1995)

Tory was the only female in Rogue's first litter of 6 puppies, so the choice was an easy one for me. Nonetheless, I could not have chosen any better if I had had a whole litter of bitches to choose from. The ultimate water dog, Tory excels as a working retriever. As a puppy she was a dream come true, never going through a "puppy stage" also known as the chewing/biting/destructive stage. Her temperament is like her grandfather's, Ben, very gentle and laid-back. From a conformational standpoint, she is a short-coupled bitch yet has enough leg beneathe her to make her a beautiful mover. All in all, Tory is probably the closest that I have come to breeding my all-around Lab. After whelping her first litter of 9 puppies in December of 1995, Tory is now retired from breeding. As of July, she will be returning to the show ring to continue her campaigning.

Name Origin: The name "Tory" was derived from taking the "T" from "To" and adding it to the "ory" from "Glory".   "Call To Glory" is a reference to the motion picture "Glory" about the first black soldier regiment (Massachusetts 54th Regiment) to fight in the Civil War under Col. Robert Gould Shaw.

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'Copyright 1996 Pamela A. Davol'