Wing-N-Wave Serendipity - "Sera" (Whelped 9/27/98)

(Wing-N-Wave One Gallant Rush X Wing-N-Wave Magic Bullet)
Bred by: P.A. Davol
Owned by: Pamela Davol
Sera at 8 weeks
Photo by P. Davol (Copyright 1998)

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Though Wing-N-Wave didn't have any litters planned for 1998, when Morgan and Emma decided to take matters into their own hands, despite my best efforts of intervention, Emma delivered 4 puppies.  Out of that litter, there was one yellow female puppy, 2 black females (Nellie and Emma), and 1 black male (Thor). Despite the fact that the litter went against my usual practices (breeding young, uncertified Labs and being a line-breeding) accidents happen and perhaps it was because of the consistency of the line-breeding that these puppies really attracted my attention (either that or I'm just a big softie when it comes to Labbie babies!).  Though most often drawn to black, this time it was the little yellow girl that caught my eye.  Being a scientist, I know that some of the greatest discoveries are sometimes made by accident, hence, I called this little yellow girl Serendipity.

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'Copyright 1999 Pamela A. Davol'