Saranac (Whelped 5/13/97)

Bred by: P. Davol
Owned by: A. Maltese (Willington, CT)
"Yellow Girl"
Photo by P Davol (Copyright 1997)

"Yellow Girl" is one of two black females in this litter. She weighed approximately 5 oz. at birth. This puppy exudes personality. Although the entire litter is outgoing and sociable, this puppy is extremely people-oriented and demanding of attention. Her own attentiveness and tendency for good eye-contact places her at one of the top on the totem pole for high-trainability. Additionally, she exhibits an inquisitive nature and is neither timid nor fearful of new experiences. She approaches new obstacles fearlessly. This puppy should bond very strongly with her new family. From a conformational standpoint, after doing my 6-7 week evaluation of the litter, Yellow Girl is my pick of the black females for being well-balanced and conformationally correct. She has a well- domed head and I expect her to develop a beautiful, broad head characteristic of her English lines. Her square muzzle is reminiscent of her mother's, as is her expression. She has good length of neck, a straight front, and good, well set-back shoulders with proper 90 degree angulation. Bone and substance is good. She is one of the more short-coupled puppies in the litter; her topline is short and her length of leg is moderate, however, her length of neck combines with these to present a very balanced picture. Her rear angulation is good, not straight as some of her littermates. I expect her to be at the low end of the standard in terms of height and probably reach a mature weight of approximately 65-70 lbs with a short, stocky appearance. P.A. Davol

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'Copyright 1997 Pamela A. Davol'