Wing-N-Wave Rogue - "Rogue" (Whelped 5/28/90)

(Bethor Wing-N-Wave Dark Knight X Sunnyburke Wing-N-Wave)
Bred by: P.A. Davol
Owned by: Pamela Davol
Veteran Class (10 years and over)
Photo by A.Cirincione (Copyright 2000)

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Rogue was the last puppy born in a litter of 7 females. Mig certainly was generous in providing me with a large selection of females from which to choose the future of Wing-N-Wave, but it did not make the decision an easy task. Designated "red girl" (I marked the puppies with non-toxic poster paint so I could keep track of their development), Rogue caught my eye at about 4 weeks of age. She had one of the shorter toplines, yet appeared well proportioned and balanced. Her bone was moderate, not as heavy as her dad but not as light-boned as her mom. Additionally, her head was broad without being exaggerated and she had a short muzzle. As Rogue matured, it was obvious that she possessed her fathers temperament, gentle and laid-back. Though the complimentation breeding worked on the conformational side, Rogue never did exhibit the working drive of her mom. Retrieving has always been a "take-it-or-leave-it" kind of thing with her, and because she knows she's special to me, she knows that she can get away with "leaving it". Rogue's favorite place to sleep is on my recliner, preferably when I'm sitting underneath her. Unfortunately, Rogue's show career was pre-empted by my choice to start a family and later by her breedings. In the few times that she has been shown she consistently placed from large Open classes. A small bitch, Rogue is under the American standard measuring just under 21 inches at the shoulder. Now retired from bench and breeding, Rogue will remain the rest of her years here with us at Wing-N-Wave.

Rogue at 6 weeks ("red girl")

Name Origin: "Rogue" is a comic book character from "The X-Men" who possesses mutant powers that enable her to absorb the life force/powers of others.

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