Group Photo(Whelped 12/23/95)

(Am.Can.Ch. Chocorua's Silent Dignity X Wing-N-Wave Call To Glory)
Bred by: P.A. Davol
Did somebody say "birds"?!
Photo by J. Yates (Copyright 1996)

From left to right: Wing-N-Wave Orphan Annie (Annie), Wing-N-Wave Tuxie (Tuxie), Wing-N-Wave Max (Max), Wing-N-Wave Menchie (Menchie), Wing-N-Wave Gus the Power Ranger Dog (Gus), Wing-N-Wave Pumpkin Spice (Brenna), Wing-N-Wave Fully Loaded (Gunner), Wing-N-Wave Nellie (Nellie), and Wing-N-Wave Silent Lucidity (Holly).



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'Copyright 1996 Pamela A. Davol'