Wing-N-Wave One Gallant Rush - "Morgan" (Whelped 5/13/97)

(Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Don Quixote SH X Wing-N-Wave Call To Glory)
Bred by: P.A. Davol
Owned by: Pamela Davol
Morgan at 8 weeks
Photo by P Davol (Copyright 1997)

Breeder evaluation: "Green Boy" is one of four black males in this litter. He weighed approximately 5 oz. at birth. He is a cute little guy. I say little because he developed more slowly than his littermates and is only about two-thirds the size of his brothers. Despite this, he is a rugged little guy and doesn’t let anybody pick on him. He knows no fear and is ready and willing to take on the world. He is extremely personable and loves people (he was my daughter’s favorite because he was the littlest, therefore, he was slightly more "spoiled" then his other litter mates). From a conformational standpoint, in doing my 6-7 week evaluation of the litter, I consider Green Boy the "ugly duckling". He has little substance and type. His head is narrow and his muzzle a tad pointy. He does, however, have a short topline, correct front and good 90 degree shoulder angulation. His rear angulation is moderate but good. Overall, he is well balanced and compact, but I think he may fall below the standard height. Because I consider him the runt, we will keep him to make sure he has no health problems. Who knows, maybe he’ll turn into the definitive "swan"!. --- P.A. Davol




Morgan at 1 year
Photo by J Yates (Copyright 1998)

Well, so much for a 6 week evaluation!

Name Origin: The motion picture "Glory" (for which "Morgan's" mom "Tory" was named) was based on two books: "One Gallant Rush" and "Lay the Laurel." I chose "One Gallant Rush" because when Morgan was just a scawny pup I oftened joked: "He looks like 'one gallant rush' is all he's got in him!" (My now 75 pound, handsome boy has proven me to be wrong!).  He is called "Morgan" after the brilliant actor Mr. Morgan Freeman who played "John Rawlins" in the film.

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'Copyright 1997 Pamela A. Davol'