Sunnyburke Wing-N-Wave -- "Mig" (Whelped 7/27/88)

(86'NFC/AFC Jubilashus T.C. Malarky X Sunnyburke's Dark Victory JH)
Bred by: J. Birkholz
Owned by: S. Humphrey and Pamela Davol
The Day After
Photo by P Davol (Copyright 1990)

The breeding of Hoss and Vicky which produced my foundation bitch Mig had the dual lines of Shamrock Acres and combined, within 4 generations, 15 Field Trial Champions (3 of which were Nationals), 12 Amateur Field Trial Champions (5 of which were Nationals), 1 Dual Champion, and 1 Show Champion. Despite her field origins, Mig was never a high-strung Lab and exhibits a very sweet disposition. Though no longer involved in hunting, she once displayed an enthusiastic drive for retrieving. She was bred to Ben (Bethor Wing-N-Wave Dark Knight) and is pictured here with her 7 puppies (all females) the day after she whelped. To this day, I still say that she delayed whelping that litter until I returned from a business trip in Washington, D.C. Before I had left, I told her that I would be home soon and asked her to wait for me. I left early my last day there and made the road trip home in record time. As soon as I got home, she greeted me at the door and then went right to her whelping box and began digging. She had the first puppy about 5 hours later. Shortly after whelping the litter, Mig was spayed. She is currently living the life of luxury with her co-owner.

Mig at 8 weeks


Name Origin: "Mig" comes from "MiG", the name of a series of small, usually black, very fast fighter planes flown by the former Soviet Union.

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'Copyright 1996, 1998 Pamela A. Davol'