1997 Litter Announcements

Litter #1

Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Don Quixote JH X Wing-N-Wave Call To Glory (Whelped 5/13/97)
Bred by: Pamela Davol
Proud Mom
Photo by P. Davol (Copyright 1997)

From the notes of Pam (dated 5/13/97): Well, the babies arrived today--early, and very much unexpectedly! In fact, Tory decided to go ahead without my help. I got home at about 5:30 p.m. and knew something was up because she didn't greet me at the door. As I approached the family room where her whelping box is, I heard the unmistakable sounds of puppy squeals. So I rushed in, but her whelping box was empty. The puppy sounds were coming from the closet- way back in the closet. And that's where I found Tory, with nine Labbie babies. I picked up one puppy and put it into her whelping box and Tory quickly went to her box. However, as I collected the other eight little ones, Tory was in the process of giving birth to the 10th. Within the next 2 hours she delivered number 11 and number 12. All look healthy and fiesty at this point and everyone is nursing well. Tory is exhausted, but is doing well. Thankfully, the whelping went smoothly.

Well, all in all we have 6 males and 6 females, 6 blacks and 6 yellows (2 yellow males, 4 yellow females, 4 black males and 2 black females). I'll be taking the day off tomorrow to keep an eye on the babies... and to clean out my closet (Ugh!).

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Puppies Arrived 8/19/97!

Litter #2

Am.Can.Ch. Lindall Chase JH X Wing-N-Wave Rainbo In The Dark
Bred by: Pamela Davol

From the notes of Pam (dated 8/19/97): Well, I guess I shouldn't have taken that antihistamine last night. After my experience with Tory whelping a week early, I wasn't going to take any chances with Dia delivering unexpectedly, so I prepared her whelping box yesterday--apparently in the nick of time. As soon as I put the blankets down she started nesting almost as if to say..."Well, it's about time, Mom!" Sure enough, just when I thought I would crawl back into bed for a few more winks after an early morning feeding of our 6 week old ("Jillian" - Jim X Pam; whelped 7/7/97), Jim woke me up to let me know that Dia was extremely restless. Just as I dragged myself down to the family room (remember, I took an antihistamine last night) Dia was giving birth to the first baby. Well, the effects of the antihistamine wore off immediately. The delivery was pretty much routine and after about 5 hours she had whelped 9 babies. Then, as I was checking all the little ones over I noticed that one puppy's umbilical cord was bleeding. As I busied myself tying off the cord, Dia suddenly jumped out of the whelping box and headed out of the family room. My first thought was, "Oh no, she has to go potty and if I don't get her outside fast enough she'll probably go on the floor." So as I tied the little girl's umbilical cord off, I called for Dia. When she didn't come immediately (which is very unusual) I called her again...and again. Finally, Dia came back into the family room, back into her whelping box and gently deposited a 10th wriggling puppy that she had been carrying in her mouth right in front of me ("Sorry I couldn't come immediately, Mom, but I was a little busy delivering this here puppy on the living room rug!").

Well, all in all we have 3 black males and 7 black females. I spent the next hour cleaning my living room rug (Ugh!).

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