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Canine Legislation

"Canine legislation is the cornerstone of AKC's efforts to protect and
preserve the rights of dog lovers to own and breed dogs and enjoy the
sport of purebred dogs in a safe, healthy environment. This section of the site is devoted to legislative initiatives on the local, state, and/or federal levels that impact our dogs and the activities surrounding them. Canine Legislation creates Taking Command, a monthly newsletter covering legislative topics around the country, generates action statements concerning issues-of-the-day, and alerts dog lovers everywhere about pending positive or negative impact legislation on all levels of government."

                                                    -----The AKC Legislation Newsletter

Stay informed on U.S. legislative initiatives that may impact on you and your dog, visit the:

AKC Canine Legislation Newsletter


One example of how dog owners/breeders can make a difference:

Wing-N-Wave's Response to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the
USDA on the Licensing of Dogs and Cats
--The Votes Are In...and We've Won! (AKC Update-7/21/99)

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