Jake (Whelped 5/13/97)

Bred by: P. Davol
Owned by: C. Baum (Henniker, NH)
"Red Boy"
Photo by P Davol (Copyright 1997)

"Red Boy" is one of four black males in this litter. He weighed approximately 6 oz. at birth. He is an extremely outgoing and sociable puppy. He has demonstrated early retrieving instincts and a willingness to enter water. He does exhibit an inquisitive nature and is neither timid nor fearful of new experiences. He approaches new obstacles cautiously but with a desire to investigate. His attention span is good and though he enjoys to be held and cuddled, in comparison to his other brothers, he does demonstrate a greater tendency for independence in his willingness to go off on his own to explore. When interacting with his littermates, I find him neither shy nor a bully. Though not an instigator for trouble, when crossed, he is fully capable of defending himself. From a conformational standpoint, in doing my 6-7 week evaluation of the litter, Red Boy has a well- domed head and I expect him to develop a beautiful, broad head characteristic of his English lines. His square muzzle is reminiscent of his father’s, as is his expression. He has a moderate length of neck and a straight, correct front. Shoulders are a bit too forward in this puppy and this is perhaps his weakest point. Bone and substance is good. His topline is a bit longer compared to his littermates , however, he has good length of leg which compensates for this and presents him with a balanced appearance. His rear angulation is good, not straight as some of his littermates. I expect him to be well within the standard in terms of height and probably reach a mature weight of approximately 80-85 lbs. --- P.A. Davol

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'Copyright 1997 Pamela A. Davol'