Hayley (Whelped 5/13/97)

Bred by: P. Davol
Owned by: J. and A. Staples (Gainesville, VA)
"Red Girl"
Photo by P Davol (Copyright 1997)

"Red Girl" is one of four yellow females in this litter. She weighed approximately 6 oz . at birth. She is an extremely outgoing and sociable puppy. She comes when called and will follow one to the ends of the earth with tail always wagging. She does exhibit an inquisitive nature and is neither timid nor fearful of new experiences. She approaches new obstacles cautiously but with a desire to investigate. Her attention span is good, and she enjoys being handled and cuddled. Interacting with her littermates, I find her neither shy nor a bully. Though not an instigator of trouble, when crossed, she is fully capable of defending herself. From a conformational standpoint, after doing my 6-7 week evaluation of the litter, I find Red Girl to be one of the better balanced and conformationally correct puppies. She has a well- domed head, broad but not exaggerated, and a short muzzle, gently curved to give her a feminine quality. She has good length of neck and a straight, correct front. Shoulders could be a little more laid-back in this puppy. Bone and substance is good. Her topline is a bit longer compared to her littermates , however, she has good length of leg which compensates for this and presents her with a balanced appearance. Her rear angulation is adequate; not as straight as some of her littermates but not as angulated as I like to see. I expect her to reach the low end of the standard in terms of height and probably reach a mature weight of approximately 65-70 lbs. --- P.A. Davol

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'Copyright 1997 Pamela A. Davol'