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This page is dedicated to all our Labbie friends and their families who have written in with photos, humorous "tails" and thoughtful renditions. If you would like to see a photo of your favorite Labbie here, send your photo to Wing-N-Wave via e-mail as an attached "JPG" or "GIF" file [include as subject: Friends of Wing-N-Wave Page] or z-mail* . All submitted photos will be reviewed for content and only those that are acceptable for viewing by all audiences will appear on this web site. If photos contain images of people, Wing-N-Wave will edit the photos to remove these images unless written consent to include the likenesses of the individual(s) accompanies the photos.  Poems, stories, humorous "tails" are also invited for submission and will likewise be reviewed for content.  When possible, please include the original author's name.

Friends' Photo Gallery


Friends' Poem Gallery


* z-mail to: Pamela Davol, 76 Mildred Ave., Swansea, MA 02777-1620 [Attn: Friends of Wing-N-Wave Page]


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