Bethor Wing-N-Wave Dark Knight- "Ben" (Whelped 11/13/88)

(Folklaur Horizon Caleb of Wing-N-Wave X Graewall's Receiving Chelsea)
Bred by: E. Ross and P. Dunn
Owned by: J. Rego and Pamela Davol
Wampanoag Dog Show Photo by C. Tatham (Copyright 1990)

When Caleb was bred to the daughter of the 1984 Crufts Best of Breed Labrador, in lieu of the stud fee, I chose a male puppy from the litter of 9. That puppy was Ben. Taking his first Reserve Win from the puppy class at 10 months of age and his first points at 15 months of age, Ben was a natural. If Ben had any faults it was that he was a bit too laid back: one time during judging in a large Open Class while the judge was going over the dogs individually, Ben actually took the "relax your dog" cue to the limits by laying down and rolling over to lay on his back. The spectators laughed, the judge and I both looked around to see what was so funny, and there's my dog belly up. Though a substantial Lab, he weighed nearly 90 pounds when pictured here, Ben is one of the gentlest Labs I've ever owned. His sweet nature and laid-back temperament are still apparent in his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was trained in obedience and hunting by his co-owner with whom he resides today, serving as a family and hunting companion.

Ben at 8 weeks


Name Origin: "Dark Knight" is another name for the comic book character "Batman".

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